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Below are the initial elements The Podcast Academy has brought to the podcast community.  As part of the application process, every new member is surveyed to find out what else they would like the Academy to offer and what role the organization can play in the future of our industry.   



The Podcast Academy's annual awards of merit recognize outstanding creative achievement in podcasting.  Podcast Academy members receive a discount on award submission, and Regular Members vote to determine the best of each category. One membership equals one vote.




The Podcast Academy holds monthly educational webinars to help our members share and learn best practices. Topics covered are relevant to members at all levels of the industry,

Is there a current topic you want to bring to membership? Consider hosting or participating in an educational webinar. If you have a topic you are ready to present, click here to submit it for consideration



The Podcast Academy hosts an online membership directory.  This directory is searchable and allows members to directly connect with industry peers.
The Podcast Academy also holds monthly online member socials during the year (and we look forward to holding in-person socials in the future).  These gatherings allow members of all levels to connect, network, and chat about the industry in a relaxed environment.

The Podcast Academy organizes a mentorship program, connecting interested members with mentors and/or mentees in the areas of Content and Business Development.

Mentorship participants agree to the following:

  • Four 30 minute meetings (video or phone call) between mentee and mentor within a 12-month period.
  • To always interact in a positive and respectful manner.
  • In advance of each meeting the Mentee will provide a list of questions or conversation focus points in order to guide the discussion and allow the Mentor to prepare.
  • Following the 2nd and 4th meetings, both the Mentor and Mentee will be surveyed about the program.  

Interested in participating? Once your membership is approved, complete the mentorship survey in your welcome email.


The Podcast Academy is in the process of publishing Resource Guides to share best practices with all members and may engage third-party research firms to conduct surveys and publish reports on listener practices and industry trends.  We will share the findings of this research with our members so they may use it to inform their business decisions.  Research reports and Resource Guides will be reserved for members.
Do you have Industry Best Practices to share?
Consider writing an Industry Resource Guide. The Podcast Academy is collecting professional resources to share with members and we hope you will submit your idea today!

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