Step One: Industry Role

Thank you for choosing membership in The Podcast Academy!

Membership Fees

The Podcast Academy Membership fee is $100.00 ($75.00 for students)

When applying, Regular Members of The Podcast Academy should select from the list below the description that they most identify with. This allows us to request different criteria depending on the general role selected. Please note that all members have equal Academy access and benefits.

Applicants will be asked to select specific roles that describe their work in podcasting during step three of the application process. 

Before beginning your member registration:

  1. Review the criteria for various roles.

  2. Use this checklist to gather everything needed to complete the application.

Then begin your registration by selecting the description that best suits you. 


FTE is "full time employee"
"In Front of the Mic" includes hosts who do many other things.

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